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Please note that this payment is non-refundable.

If you are unable to use this payment for processing your visa application, please contact our call center for help.

Please do not make a second payment until the call center provides a confirmation on your payment.

Contact Details

Please contact a customer service representative using one of these telephone numbers:

  • Callers in Russia -
    Please call +7 (495) 745 3388 (local) or
    8 800 100 2554 (ITFN).
  • Callers in the United States - Please call 718.425.8337.


To reach a customer service representative via email, please write to


Any non immigrant visa applicant can pay their visa application fee by credit card. By agreeing to proceed with a credit card payment, the cardholder acknowledges that this is a non-refundable visa application processing fee. This is a payment required as a pre-requisite to the processing of an application, and the cardholder agrees explicitly that there is no refund possible regardless of the outcome of this application. The cardholder agrees that the payment of the application fee is only for processing of the application. The payment amount to be charged to the card is intended to be in respect of non-refundable application processing fee by or on behalf of the applicant does not in itself indicate the existence of a contract with the applicant, nor does it guarantee a successful application. If you haven't saved your receipt copy or haven't received an email with it, please do not attempt your second transaction, before you check your bank account. If your bank account was debited, please email us a copy of your bank statement, the RRN of transaction and the details of the card you use for the transaction.

Applicant Details

This is a 8 digit number. Input format – dd/mm/yyyy
Email address must be valid, as we send an receipt to this address.
Mobile phone number should start with operator code and contain 10 or 11 digits

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